Realms of Nordland

the Grand Duchy of Nordland has a number of different local lords. Scattered throughout the region are the independent Prince-Lectors and free cities that are independent from the Grand Duchy proper. The various counts, princes, barons, and dukes all owe the Grand Duke fealty, though they are a quarrelsome bunch.

Free cities

Free cities and free towns are the cities that owe allegiance directly to the emperor himself. Though they owe loyalty to the emperor, they rarely care about him. they tend to get more involved in the politics of the areas surrounding area. Merchants and Peasents tend to like going to these cities as they lack the provincial taxes.

Free Imperial city of Neues Emskrank

  • Capital: Neues Emskrank
  • Ruler: B├╝rgermeisterin Hedwig von Bischoffin
  • Vassals: None
  • rivals: Salkalten, Wilhelmskoog(Principality)
  • allies: Hargendorf, Grand-Duchy of Nordland

the free imperial city of Neus Emskrank was founded by the merchants from Marienburg. The merchant lords kicked out the Princes of the Schiller family starting a long feud between the princes and the free city.


The Prince-Lectors are the regions that are ruled by the clergy of the various Imperial Cults as their secular lords in addition to their religious duties.

Prince-Lector of Hargendorf

  • Capital: Hargendorf
  • Ruler: Wave-Lord Konrad von Linhart
  • Vassals: Ueblingen(Baron), Beilen(Baron), Schlaghugel(Counts)
  • rivals: Duke of Nordland
  • allies: Neus Emskrank(free city)

The Prince-Lectors of Hargendorf are priests of of Manann. They are strongly opposed to the Grand Dukes ambitions to take more land from the Laurelorn Forest. They see it as taking away from the worship of Manann, more over that would weaken their own power base.

Important duchies

Below the Grand Duke of Nordland are a number of Duchies that swear fealty to him. Of special note is the Duchy of Salzenmund, which is the personal fiefdom of the Grand Duke.

Duchy of Salzenmund

  • Capital: Salzenmund
  • Ruler: Grand Duke Theoderic von Gausser
  • Vassals: Oldenlitz(count), Grafenrich(baron), Beekerhoven(count)
  • rivals: Hargendorf(Manann Prince-Lector)
  • allies: Norden(duke)

The personal duchy of the Grand Duke of Nordland.

Duchy of Norden

  • Capital: Norden
  • Ruler: Arnulf von Neurath
  • Vassals: Beelen(count), Salzmorast(Baron), Gelting(count), Kreideklippe(count)
  • rivals: info
  • allies: Nordlannd

Duchy of Dietershafen

  • Capital: Dietershafen
  • Ruler: Duchess Elisabeth von Kohler
  • Vassals: Zweedorf(baron), Heiligdorf(count), Manannsheim(Monastery)
  • rivals: Luftberg(county)
  • allies: Seuchenshoff(county)

Important counties

County of Luftberg

  • Capital: Luftberg
  • Ruler: count Ewald von Lauen
  • Vassals: Stavern, Alfhausen
  • rivals: Dietershafen(duchy)
  • allies: Seuchenshoff(duchy)

Count of Forte

  • Capital: Forte
  • Ruler: Edmund von Bl├╝cher
  • Vassals: Dunsen, Dorfmark, Marklohe
  • rivals: None
  • allies: None

County of Seuchenshoff

  • Capital: Seuchenshoff
  • Ruler: Duke Wolfram von Hutten
  • Vassals: Skjaldberg,Varrel, Huven
  • rivals: info
  • allies: Dietershafen(duchy),

Important principalities

Principality of Wilhelmskoog

  • Capital: Wilhelmskoog
  • Ruler: Prince Helmuth von Schiller
  • Vassals: Ockholm
  • rivals: Neues Emskrank(Free Imperial City)
  • allies: none

the Principality of Wilhelmskoog is the only principality in the Grand Duchy. The Von Schiller once ruled the Neus Emskrank city but lost it to the merchants of Marienburg. While it has been over 70 years since they lost it, they want it back; especially as the city grows in wealth and power.

Realms of Nordland

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